Brer Rabbit, the iconic trickster of African-American folklore, returns in new tales by the poet Nate Marshall: It’s a whole new briar patch now.


This program is dedicated to the life of George Terrell, a storyteller and enslaved man on the Turnwold Plantation in Eatonton, Georgia. He is one of countless storytellers with names that we will never know or get right.

Bruh Rabbit

And the Fantastic Telling of Remington Ellis, Esq.
By Nate Marshall
Music composed and sound team led by Mikhail Fiksel
Directed by Wardell Julius Clark
Executive produced by Jeremy McCarter

Performed and recorded live at the Harold Washington Library, Chicago

CAST (in order of appearance)

Interviewer/Mayor/Tar Baby - Sydney Charles
Remington/Fam Bear - Osiris Khepera
Fam Wolf - Charles Andrew Gardner
Fam Fox - Kiayla Ryann
Bruh Rabbit - Al’Jaleel McGhee


Sound designer - Mikhail Fiksel
Associate sound designer - Robert Hornbostel
Recording engineer - Steve Labedz
Audio technician - Maddie Doyle


Production manager - Madeleine Borg
Stage manager - J.C. Widman
Community manager - Arrion Jones


Editing, mixing, and additional recording by Mikhail Fiksel and Robert Hornbostel
Final mixing and mastering by Joe Palermo

Graphic design by Carly Pearlman

Equipment provided by TechMagic Designs

Make-Believe theme music by Mikhail Fiksel


Catherine Allen and The Den Theater; Brian Bannon and the staff of Chicago Public Library; Carolyn Casselman of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, and Garrison; Nancy García Loza; Chris Rooney; SAG-AFTRA; Maria Tatar


The Chauncey and Marion Deering McCormick Family Foundation, for an essential launch grant
The Poetry Foundation, our lead season sponsor
Joyce Chelberg, whose generosity supports the work of Make-Believe’s actors
All our donors and supporters